Laser 2003 Exhibition
Exhibition Stand

LASER 2003 Exhibition

Once again, we were at this major Exhibition and would like to thank all our customers who came to visit our stand. This is an important event for us and gives us the opportunity of exhibiting a range of products and discussing new projects with our customers.

KECK Observatory in Hawaii - March 2001

As part of the Adaptive Optics Programme Keck is building a Laser Guide Star. This challenging programme required a special OEM Power Supply. At over 3,600 meters the air is so thin cooling becomes a problem. The solution was to use glycol cooling to supplement the air cooling. With scientific instruments all around electrical noise had to be kept to a minimum.

MD Doug Green at the Telescope
Specially designed filters were fitted to the line input and power output of the power supply. Time was also short. From initial sight visit to final delivery took just 18 weeks.
ISO9001 - February 2001  
We are pleased to announce we have been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of ISO9001. This has only been possible through the commitment of our workforce and has brought a better awareness and understanding to all in meeting our customers needs.
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